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Founded in 1992, The Bulge Research Institute was created to research what creates a bulge in garments worn by men. The Bulge Research Institute (BRI) staff has studied thousands of photographs, and continues to study them, to get a handle on this phenomenon.

Bulges currently being researched

Current research (Summer 2010) is focused on the size of a man's testicles and the size of his scrotum. A discussion group has been setup, totally FREE, for all to share stories, sightings, and/or questions about having abnormal low hanging ballsacks or oversized nuts. Be sure to visit (and contribute) to Rantallion!

Inside The Official Bulge Research Institute site are some of those photographs we've collected as evidence and studied, very closely and diligently to see why this occurs. Though we are far from producing our final, complete, and definitive study, here's what we've learned:

  • Latest scientific studies indicate MEN look at other men's bulges more than females do.
  • Bulges don't appear big in all men.
  • When bulges do occur, they are highly desirable and respected by society.
  • Penis length and thickness alone is not the main indicator of a big bulge. It depends on the shape of the hip, the size of the scrotum and the testicles, and the position of the penis.
  • A male with a big bulge can increase the ratings of a TV show, or the revenue of a movie.
  • Straight men will sneak and look at a stranger's bulge, whether it is in amazement, comparison, or shame is not known.
  • Gay men will fantasize about another man's bulge during sex, but surprisingly, 27% of straight men responding to a poll also indicated they think of other men's bulges during sex.
  • Merchants that sell on Ebay find they make 200% to 400% and more when they sell their garments on a model that shows such a bulge, versus just putting the garment on the floor and taking a photo of it. Source: The Ebulges at Ebay


The research scientists at the Bulge Research Institute love their job and like to get close to the subject they're studying. If you're not sure of exactly what the Bulge Research Institute is studying, please feel free to view our free galleries. Click on the image below to gain entrance to TEN FREE GALLERIES of BULGES.


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